All The Hell I Can Get

Released 7/24/20.

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Bone Blanket is the ongoing alt/indie folk project by multidisciplinary artist Jeff Pupa, started in 2008.  Pupa has been pumping out self-released music across a wide range of genres for over 10 years under several monikers: Jon Dice, Vows, The Universal Sign For Choking, and Frank Blood.  Pupa was a co-writer in Vows and played guitar and lead vocals for live performances.  Vows gained the most notoriety through regular touring and 3 full-lengths, earning write-ups for their vinyl release "Soon Enough Love", from such entities as NPR, Exclaim!, Diffuser, and Pop'stache.

Bone Blanket's sixth and latest full-length, All The Hell I Can Get, is set to come out later this year. Pupa's work under BB has been primarily acoustic-driven, harnessing stories and memories to song from his years of traveling around the US from 2007-2015.  Sketches and ideas were laid down on old 4 track recorders and cheap gear, and eventually fleshed out to be more "home-spun" releases.  ATHICG was a calculated six month endeavor using high-end equipment and recording techniques for a much more polished sound.  This album focuses on the ability to accept life for what it is, to comfortably move on from tragedy, and spend time enjoying the small things we lose sight of so easily.

All The Hell I Can Get was written and recorded in Pupa's home studio in Somerville, NJ, and mixed and mastered by Ryan Cohen at Robot Dog Studio in Williston, VT.



43 N Adamsville Rd Somerville, NJ 08876